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Institute Co-Chair John Greenwell Profiled in San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

SDLA’s Institute Co-Chair and 2012 alumni John Greenwell was recently profiled in the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News.

John GreenwellCOMMUNITY PROFILE: Meet John Greenwell, a tireless volunteer working to make a better world
Ben Cartwright, SDGLN, February 15th, 2013

SAN DIEGO -- John Greenwell says that volunteering and giving back nurture his soul. As such, he participates in numerous organizations both in and out of the LGBT community that help those in need.

The 33-year-old seems to never have a day off. If he's not working, he's participating in a community service project, or in meetings helping to plan ways to make the world a better place, or learning how to be a better leader. As a schoolteacher, Greenwell is also able to instill his sense of service in the students whose lives he touches everyday.

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NBC San Diego Interviews SDLA Alumni

SDLA alumni Roberto Alcantar and Trinh Le were interviewed recently on NBC San Diego. They discussed how the San Diego Leadership Alliance helped them advance their causes in the community.

Politically Speaking

NBC’s Politically Speaking with Marianne Kushi
NBC San Diego, February 10, 2013

Marianne Kushi introduces us to the young politicans who hope to end political stalemate locally and in in Washington on this episode of Politically Speaking.

The interview is separated in two parts here, and here.

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MSNBC discusses New Leaders Council

MSNBCOn MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry called the New Leaders Council one of the country’s most important “good things” currently happening for progressives.

See the clip yourself here (skip to 4:05).

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NLC: Your Gateway to Board and Commission Service

Members of the San Diego Leadership Alliance regularly serve on boards and commissions. SDLA/NLC can give you the contacts and know-how needed to achieve such an appointment. The NLC Institute, for example, features a boards and commissions training every year. Here, 2011 NLC alumnus Matt Ellis describes how NLC facilitated his appointment to the San Diego Funds Commission.


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Election returns in San Diego - a civic tradition

San Diego is fairly unique for a major city in that all campaigns, all parties, and all of the local media outlets join together at Golden Hall in the downtown Civic Center for a huge gathering.

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