2011 NLC Fellow: Heather Laird

Heather Laird

Heather Laird--Learning Communities Director, Community HousingWorks

Heather Laird is the learning communities director for Community Housing Works. She oversees a number of resident services programs which aim to help low-income families move up in the world. She has been with Community Housing Works since 2007.
Heather previously ran the Americorps program at the Youth Policy Institute in Los Angeles. She was born and raised in Placentia, CA and at 19 was a director of a Placentia Community Center. Heather received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UCLA in the Spring of 2005. Heather has volunteered at Camp Del Corazon since the summer of 2002. She helps to staff and train over 300 camp counselors each summer for the non-profit camp for children with heart disease.
Heather also currently mentors a 12-year-old foster child named Breanna. Heather spends one day a week with Breanna to provide a positive role model and help Breanna grow into a responsible young adult. Heather is passionate about equality in education and has spent the better part of her life serving her community.

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