Caryl Montero-Adams

Caryl_Montero-Adams.jpgCaryl Montero-Adams is originally from a small town in northeast Ohio. As a first-generation college student, she moved across the state to pursue higher education. While in school, her co-curricular involvement introduced her to social issues and the progressive community. Caryl’s transformative collegiate experiences sparked a lifelong passion for service and community engagement, which included tutoring refugees, working on political campaigns for LGBTQ+ rights, lobbying on Capitol Hill for comprehensive sexuality education, and participating in an intensive experiential learning program centered on issues of diversity and inclusion.

Having established roots in San Diego in 2011, Caryl serves as the Assistant Director of Student Life & Leadership for Fraternity & Sorority Life at San Diego State University. Her primary responsibility is leading the Greek community at SDSU with the vision of “collaboration, inclusion and integrity.” At SDSU, Caryl also serves on several cross-campus committees, including the Sexual Violence Task Force, Alcohol and Other Drug Task Force, and the Integrative Diversity Task Force, to name a few. Prior to her role as Assistant Director, she served as a Residence Hall Coordinator and was honored with the Exceptional New Professional award from the Division of Student Affairs at SDSU in 2014.

Caryl earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Health Promotion and Education: Community Health from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Science degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Indiana University. Caryl is passionate about issues of inclusion, access, gender equality, reproductive justice, community development, and health promotion.


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