City Beat Profiles SDLA Alumna Sarah Boot

November 22, 2013

San Diego CityBeat featured a profile of SDLA Alumna Sarah Boot on Wednesday. Boot, who was a 2010 SDLA fellow (New Leaders Council San Diego, at that time), is now running for City Council, District 2. CityBeat's Kelly Davis credits NLC, in part, with Boot's rise:

But Boot, who's 32, didn't come out of nowhere. In 2010, she was selected as a fellow for the San Diego chapter of the New Leaders Council, which aims to train "progressive political entrepreneurs" for leadership roles, elected office among them. She's also a founding member of Run Women Run, a local organization focused on getting politically progressive women in office. She was student-body president at the University of Michigan, where she earned her undergraduate and law degrees. There, Boot founded the Students First party and recruited a slate of candidates.

Read the full article, "The new girl: Sarah Boot," here.

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