CityBeat looks to SDLA to build progressive future for San Diego

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With the city of San Diego's political future in flux, the San Diego CityBeat has called upon SDLA to foster the next generation of progressive leaders:

[San Diego progressives are] looking at the viable replacements and they're not seeing any liberals who'll favor the interests of the lower and middle classes over the influential status-quo types who insist upon, say, building unnecessary, obtrusive bridges and parking structures in the city's iconic urban park and earmarking hotel-room taxes for the marketing of private, big-money businesses while basic services are left wanting.

....In November, we'll be offered another choice. We'll need to show up and make the best choice, again among a selection of less-than-perfect candidates. Looking forward, let's hope that groups like the San Diego Leadership Alliance can generate options that are better than Filner.

Read more here.

This recognition is not the first time SDLA has caught CityBeat attention - in 2012, CityBeat did an extensive profile of our organization.

Indeed, SDLA is committed to fostering the next generation of progressive leaders in San Diego.

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