Emily Tran

Emily Tran

Emily Tran is a licensed LVN and RCFE administrator since 2012. Her passion for advocating for older adults and their care is one of many driving forces that motivates her to be involved in progressive spaces. Her Vietnamese-American heritage is an evolving identity of hers that influences her perspective on issues relating to inequality, community building, and civic duty. She moved to San Diego in 2017 and immediately became involved with the San Diego LGBT Center’s Young Professionals Council (YPC). A professional development program that helps local LGBTQ+ and allies network with each other, and teaches its members about local LGBT social justice movements. In 2019, her advocacy and experience with older adults were acknowledged by the Mayor of Chula Vista, Mary Salas. Emily was sworn in as an official member of the Commission on Aging in Chula Vista, California that same year, and is currently the Chair for the Commission. Another organization that Emily is an active member of is Viet Vote SD, a local non-profit dedicated to advancing civic participation with the local Vietnamese-American community. Emily is an undergraduate at San Diego State University majoring in Gerontology and minoring in Asian Studies. She is involved with SDSU’s Social Policy Institute as an intern where she is a part of the “Age-Friendly” conversation happening both on campus and off. Upon completing her undergraduate studies, she plans to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy. She aims to be a part of conversations revolving around senior services, access to those services, and creating inclusive policies that center around a culturally sensitive approach.

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