Jasmin Zafra

Jasmin ZafraJasmin Zafra developed a passion for matters of social justice at a very young age. Growing up in a multi-cultural family, witnessing situations of inequality, and learning about civil rights movements, all fueled her desire to become a voice for change.

In 2012, Jasmin moved from her hometown of Santa Cruz to study social work at San Diego State University. Through her studies, she gained an understanding of the systemic roots of racism and oppression and became interested in community organizing. As an undergraduate, Jasmin served as student coordinator for the Youth Empowerment Program, a student organization dedicated to providing support and professional development to unaccompanied child migrants in shelter care. She also worked as a tutor at Rosa Parks Elementary School, where she helped third grade students of diverse backgrounds develop reading, writing and math skills. During her senior year, she interned for the Consensus Organizing Center, where she helped to coordinate a college-access program for first-generation students and foster youth. All of these experiences further strengthened her original passion.

Currently, Jasmin is a community organizer at Mid-City Community Advocacy Network (CAN) where she works with a group of City Heights residents on a campaign to increase youth access to opportunities through no-cost transit passes. She is continuously challenged and inspired in her position and greatly enjoys the process of building connections with residents and watching them develop their leadership skills. In her spare time, Jasmin loves to paint, go on hikes, and explore new places.


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