jean-huy tran

jean-huy tran
Controller, Clearly Amazing Outlook

jean-huy is an immigrant who migrated to US in 1990. He graduated from UCLA and was the first in his family to earn a college degree. Although his studies concentrated in Psychology & Sociology, his career path took him to the field of Accounting where he’s been for over two decades. Currently, he serves as Controller for a private company with multi-state branches.

Outside of work, he has been a volunteer community organizer working with many different organizations, including Indivisible SD Persist, Viet Vote, the Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Democratic Club, San Diego Progressive Democratic Club, and We The People San Diego. His volunteer work focuses mainly on the issues of Criminal Justice Reform, Racial Justice, Income Inequality, Social Equity, Rent Stabilization, Voter Education, Affordable Housing and other issues affecting the homeless population. He has worked to successfully make change at the local government level as well as in State legislation.

Currently, he is devoting most of his attention to increasing more AAPI voting and civic engagement on issues that are important to their communities. Recognizing the lack of AAPI representation in our government, he also wants to create a stronger AAPI political network to provide support for progressive AAPI candidates running for office.

jean-huy also serves on the steering committee of the TRUST SD Coalition - a coalition of over 30 community groups organizing around the issue of Mass Surveillance Technology. Trust SD works to increase awareness of surveillance technology currently being used here in San Diego, how that technology affects the public, and advocates for more transparency in our government and creation and adoption of a surveillance technology oversight policy.

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