Lucia Napolez

1Lucia_1.jpegLucia Napolez grew up in Yuma, Arizona with her immediate family. She is proud to say that her grandparents and parents come from the seasonal migrant worker's camps laid out from Yuma, AZ all the way to Fresno, CA. She is the first in her family to attend a four year university, and has received two professional degrees.

Lucia relocated to San Diego in 2007 to start anew and begin developing her career. She enrolled in community college, and eventually transferred to San Diego State University to study International Security and Conflict Resolution. By junior year, Lucia was a double major in I.S.C.O.R. and Spanish, with a minor in LGBT Studies.

Lucia became very involved in LGBT social justice, and started donating her time to various organizations in the LGBT community in San Diego. Through her knowledge and experience in LGBT culture, she secured a position with Rescue Social Change Group as a cultural expert and Client Services representative for its National LGBT campaign.

Since joining Rescue Social Change Group nearly a year ago, Lucia has moved internally within the company to her current position as an acting liaison for both Client Services and Creative Operations.

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