Luis Montero-Adams

Luis_Montero-Adams.jpgLuis Montero-Adams was born in Los Angeles and is the oldest child of two undocumented immigrants. Concerned about increasing violence, the family moved to San Diego when Luis was a young child. Years later, after his parents obtained United States citizenship, Luis’s family moved to back to Tijuana to be closer to their extended family. Choosing to continue attending school in San Diego, Luis joined his father as a member of the international commuter community. Although Luis has lived in San Diego since September 12, 2001, his binational roots have shaped his perspective and how he engages the region.

Soon after graduating from San Diego High School, Luis began his 10 years of service at Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest. There, he held positions in each of the three pillars of the agency’s mission: education, health services, and advocacy. Introducing him to the San Diego progressive community, his time at Planned Parenthood also ignited his passion for community organizing, coalition building, and volunteer engagement.

In 2015, Luis enrolled at San Diego State University. In December 2017, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Women’s Studies with a minor in Latin American Studies. Having recently graduated, Luis has now shifted his focus to returning to the progressive community and is excited that SDLA will play a large role.

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