2012 NLC Fellow: Aaron Allen

Aaron Allen
District Representative, Senator Juan Vargas

Aaron Allen is currently a District Representative for State Senator Juan Vargas. Aaron’s issue areas include the environment, transportation, housing and taxation and the budget. Prior to joining Senator Vargas’ staff, he worked for the Chula Vista City Council and the San Diego World Affairs Council. Aaron is a volunteer mediator for the National Conflict Resolution Center and is a member of the Community Housing Work’s Facelift Planning Committee.

In 2009, Aaron graduated with a double major in Political Science and History from the University of California, Berkeley. Aaron is very active in his community, and sits on a number of community groups and boards: the City Heights Project Area Committee, the City of San Diego Normal Heights Community Planning Group, the United State Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission and the San Diego World Affairs Council Board of Directors.

Aaron is also interested in small business development and microfinancing loans. He has worked with ACCION San Diego and the International Rescue Committee’s Center for Financial Opportunity to help local entrepreneurs develop their businesses. Finally, Aaron is a blogger for the Foreign Policy Association, where he provides his analysis of current international conflicts.

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