2012 NLC Fellow: Heather Steiner

Heather Steiner
Asset Management

Heather Steiner works in the asset management industry. Before that she taught political economy at UCLA as a visiting assistant professor and at New York University as a doctoral fellow, and also served as a consultant for a non-profit organization dedicated to turning around two failing high schools in South Los Angeles. Heather’s interest in international economic policy – especially in developing countries - led her to complete her Ph.D. in political economy at UCLA in 2010.

While working on her Ph.D., she conducted field research in Argentina and Peru, and remains interested in Latin American politics. In the course of her doctoral work, Heather also became involved in education reform. Through organizations such as Education Pioneers, she has worked to improve public education for underserved populations and to promote school choice in Southern California.

Prior to starting her doctoral work at UCLA, Heather worked in finance in New York City and earned her Master’s degree in international economic policy at Columbia University. She moved to Cardiff-by-the-Sea in 2006, where she currently lives with her husband, Matt, and their dog.

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