Monique López

Monique.jpgMonique López loves working alongside community members to be empowered to advocate and create the healthy city they envision. She is currently the Transportation Justice Policy Advocate at the Environmental Health Coalition. Prior to joining EHC, she worked on air quality policy issues in environmental justice communities with the American Lung Association in Imperial County and the Coalition for Clean Air in Los Angeles. During her time in Imperial County, she co-authored an environmental health and justice ballot initiative and helped successfully manage the political campaign in which the ballot initiative passed by a super-majority of Imperial County voters.

While in Oregon, Monique worked for the Community Service Center at the University of Oregon where she assisted various cities throughout Oregon in improving their equity and diversity public participation plans and developed policy and planning recommendations for cities to assist Latino small businesses.

Monique has a Master's degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon and a Master's degree in Political Science from California State University, Long Beach. She earned her B.A. in History and Political Science with a minor in Religion from Vanguard University.

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