Nathan Cedilla

IMG 5480 copy smallNathan Cedilla
was born in the Philippines, raised in San Diego, and finished his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley. As an undergrad, he spent his time increasing access to higher education for young students of color. During his third year at UC Berkeley, Nathan became involved in HIV healthcare and wellness. He began his career in HIV work as a Peer Leader for the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Wellness Center, a prominent provider of health services to Bay Area APIs. After his work with the API Wellness Center, Nathan began a series of statewide workshops and trainings about API sexual health.

In 2012, Nathan joined Family Health Centers of San Diego as a Health Educator. Having made the transition into his dream field, he has dedicated himself to providing high-quality healthcare to under-served communities and peoples. Nathan facilitates and maintains two projects for FHCSD: a community-level HIV prevention project and 1-on-1 counseling for men of color at high risk for HIV infection and/or substance use.

Nathan also supervises the Clean Syringe Exchange Project (CSEP). CSEP aims to decrease the transmission rates of blood-borne infections by distributing clean needles and risk reduction services to San Diegans.

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