Paula Perez Costas

Paula Perez Costas
Teaching Artist and Independent Contractor, transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project and self-employed

Born in Galicia, Northwest of Spain, 40 minutes from the border with Portugal, Paula has always lived a life in between cultures. She lived in different countries in Europe before moving to the US 8 years ago, where she first lived in Portland, OR. All the places she lived have helped her explore and better understand the meaning of community, belonging, identity, power, and love.

Paula speaks 5 languages and holds 2 master’s degrees. She is extremely passionate about cultural diversity, dance, education, social entrepreneurship, and social justice.

From an early age, Paula committed to address injustice. She volunteered with various organizations to improve the communities she called home, and worked as a member recruiter for Doctors Without Borders, as well as Greenpeace.
Since Paula moved to San Diego 4 years ago, she has been involved with different local organizations that support and empower vulnerable youth. She created the Spanish program at the Waldorf School of San Diego in City Heights, and taught Spanish and dance there for 3 years.

Currently, Paula is building her new journey full of passion and creativity. She is extremely excited to be a member of the 2020 SDLA cohort, and looks forward to meeting and learning from other young local Movers and Shakers.

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