SDLA Institute Quick Facts

What is the San Diego Leadership Alliance?

  • The San Diego Leadership Alliance (SDLA) is a local nonprofit dedicated to building progressive leadership in San Diego.
  • The SDLA’s flagship program is the SDLA Institute, a six-month intensive skills and relationship-building program for progressive young professionals.
  • The SDLA Institute includes the following elements:
    • Training on fundraising for politics and nonprofits
    • Policy analysis
    • Messaging and strategic communications
    • Life entrepreneurship
    • Political management
    • Mentorship opportunities
    • Networking events with local organizations


Who should apply for the SDLA Institute?

  • The SDLA Institute is for progressive young professionals and emerging leaders.
  • Institute Fellows have a demonstrated capacity to take risks and make meaningful change in the world around them.
  • The SDLA Institute is not just for political professionals, but also for those in business, law, education, defense, and the non-profit and philanthropic sectors.
  • Applicants should review the Institute schedule prior to applying, as all Fellows are expected to be present for the entirety of each Institute session.


How do I learn more about the SDLA?

  • Visit our website at for the following information:
  • Details on optional info-sessions for prospective applicants.
  • Read about past Fellows, and past Institute programs.
  • Sign up for the SDLA email distribution list.


How else can I help out the SDLA’s mission?

  • To nominate candidates for the SDLA Institute, click here.
  • Offer to be a mentor for a Fellow or serve on a committee of the SDLA Board of Directors
  • Become a member at


Who runs the SDLA?

  • The SDLA is a nonprofit, run by local volunteers.
  • The San Diego Leadership Alliance is managed by two co-directors, Caryl Montero-Adams and Maria Gpe. Bojorquez-Gomez, as well as about 16 other board members.


How do I apply for the next SDLA Institute?

  • Application opens in September of 2022. Return here for the application form in the fall. 
  • DEADLINE: Applications are due by 11:59 PM on November 1, 2022.
  • Applicants must be members of the SDLA ($30) to apply, and there is a $200 deposit to participate. The $200 deposit is returned to Fellows after they complete the Institute.


San Diego Leadership Alliance 2022 Institute Dates

  • SESSIONS 1 & 2. Saturday & Sunday, January 22 & 23
    • Happy Hour to follow with Fellows only.
  • SESSION 3. Saturday, February 5
  • SESSION 4. Saturday, February 26
  • SESSION 5. Saturday, March 5
  • SESSION 6. Saturday, March 19
  • SESSION 7. Saturday, April 9
  • SESSION 8. Saturday, April 30
  • SESSION 9. Saturday, May 14


  • SESSION 10. Saturday, May 21
  • SESSION 11. Sunday, May 22
  • GRADUATION. Saturday, June 11

*All sessions run from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm (except Session 8, which may start earlier and Graduation, which is usually scheduled for the afternoon).


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