Six in the SDLA Community Named 40 Under 40 Winners




Four San Diego Lead­er­ship Alliance (SDLA) alumni and two SDLA mentors have been named 40 Under 40 Award winners by San Diego Metropolitan Magazine. Alumni Sarah Boot of the 2010 class, Omar López and Brittany Applestein Syz of the 2011 class, Kimberly Simms of the 2013 class, and mentors Christopher Ward and Christopher Yanov will be honored at a September 26 luncheon.  Congrats to our winners!

For more information on the 40 Under 40 awards, click here.

Learn more about our alumni winners:


*Note: Profiles of SDLA alumni are taken at the time of entry to the Institute.

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Emily Tran is a licensed LVN and RCFE administrator since 2012. Her passion for advocating for older adults and their care is one of many driving forces that motivates her to...