Six of "40 Under 40" Are SDLA Alumni

San Diego Metro released the 2015 list of "40 under 40" honoring locals who represent some of the the best and brightest minds of San Diego County. Six of the 40 honorees are SDLA Institute alumni! On September 22, 2015, Katherine Field (2010), Vivian Moreno (2010), Amanda Allen (2011), Roberto Alcantar (2012), John Greenwell (2012) and Wyn Furman (2013) will be honored during a luncheon at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina for their achievements.

We are so proud of such a large number of former institute fellows from diverse fields making an impact in San Diego county and representing SDLA. 

            Katherine Field (2010)                                                   Vivian Moreno (2010)

             Amanda Aguirre Allen (2011)                                         Roberto Alcantar (2012)

            John Greenwell (2012)                                                   Wyn Furman (2013)

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Emily Tran

Emily Tran is a licensed LVN and RCFE administrator since 2012. Her passion for advocating for older adults and their care is one of many driving forces that motivates her to...