Summer Yousif Bales

Summer Yousif Bales
Policy Coordinator

Summer Yousif Bales is a Policy Coordinator at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. At the Chamber, she oversees the Chamber’s Defense, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee and Small Business Roundtable, among other policy responsibilities. As a former intern at the Chamber, Summer now manages the External Affairs Internship program and supports students in their transition to the workforce. Prior to joining the Chamber, Summer was a master’s student at UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, where she conducted research under Professor Barbara Walter on nationalism, ethnic conflict and democratization. Summer received her undergraduate degree from UC San Diego with a major in international studies and political science with a minor in international migration studies, while interning with the International Rescue Committee’s Immigration Department. Outside the office, Summer is a member of YIMBY Democrats of San Diego and coaches a youth soccer team for La Jolla Impact.

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