Timothy Caudill

Tim.jpgTimothy Caudill was transplanted to San Diego from Charlotte North Carolina via the United States Marine Corps. He is currently in a fellowship sponsored by the Wounded Warrior program as a Congressional Staffer for Congressman Scott Peters acting as a Field representative and caseworker in the issue areas of veterans, military personal, and the LGBT communities here in San Diego. As Tim’s two-year fellowship draws to an end, he is pursuing a degree in business while also developing a profession in Real Estate.

Being from a much more conservative area, Tim found a sense of comfort in the progressive atmosphere in San Diego. When he separated from the USMC he immediately started volunteering at the LGBT Community Center as often as he could and became an aspiring LGBT activist. With a military background Tim felt compelled be a part of the planning for San Diego Pride’s Military Contingent and now sits on the executive planning committee for the second year in a row. Capitalizing on the experience of the political fellowship, Tim is also on the political subcommittee for the Human Rights campaign helping influence LGBT inclusive policies in San Diego communities.

Before his shift into politics, Tim started his own business as a personal trainer with a focus on stay at home family members and out of shape youth.

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