Valerie Mendoza

Valerie Mendoza is a resident of Escondido who is actively working on creating a positive change in her community while learning how to advocate for others. She is currently an account clerk for the County of San Diego with goals of obtaining a degree in Sociology. She enjoys spending much of her time with her family, practicing photography and volunteering within North County as much as she can.

Recently, Valerie served as a Kitchen member and photographer for newly-elected, City-Council Member, Consuelo Martinez’s 2018 campaign. During that time, she learned about social issues within her community and the importance of civic engagement. Valerie is passionate about ending homelessness in her community and has volunteered for The Regional Task Force on the Homeless. She is also passionate about immigrant rights and is an active member of the North County Immigration Task Force. She has also volunteered for The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) focusing on efforts to educate the Latino community and youth within Escondido on the importance of voting and how to successfully register. Valerie hopes to fully embrace and better support the organizations and resources at her finger-tips while creating a more impactful change in her community.

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