Matthew Vasilakis

Matthew_Vasilakis.jpgMatthew is an Oceanside native doing his best to create positive change in the communities and spaces he is most passionate about. An unapologetic progressive and LGBTQ advocate, he currently works at Tedstrom Associates, an LGBTQ stakeholder engagement and management consultant firm helping to foster greater equality and equity in business, government, and civil society. Matthew also sits on the Victory Campaign Board, raising money for LGBTQ candidates locally and across the country.

As a history nerd, Matthew holds both his B.A. and M.A. in History from San Diego State University, which allows him to be an enthusiastic adjunct professor at San Diego City College.

During his spare time, Matthew reads the San Diego Business Journal, reviews agendas and minutes from various community planning groups across the city, and periodically calls his elected representatives to support pro-housing policies. A proud affordable housing, smart growth, and YIMBY advocate, he hopes to connect with and inspire others to support housing and transportation justice in San Diego and beyond.

Matthew lives in South Park with his partner, Daren, neither of whom wants children, nor dogs, at this time.

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