Zaheen Chowdhury

Zaheen ChowdhuryZaheen Chowdhury is a project manager with Trestle Development, a San Diego-based housing development firm. Zaheen manages all aspects of the development life-cycle, from project conception to completion, and has extensive experience in leveraging public financing to build housing for low-income families and individuals. Through his current role, he is focusing on the development of micro apartments in urban centers with high cost of living.

With an interest in urbanism, housing and sustainability, he began his career working on the revitalization of public housing sites in the San Francisco Bay Area. Zaheen moved to San Diego in 2011 and has been involved in the development of hundreds of affordable housing units throughout California.

Zaheen received a bachelor's in Politics from UC Santa Cruz and a master's in Urban Planning with a concentration in Community Design and Development from San Jose State University.


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