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Goal-Setting and You

All too often, we set lofty goals, knowing what we want at the end of the line, but we stash them away without a plan of action. Like finding mementos saved for scrapbooks, abandoned crafts and unframed photos in a long-untouched box, reflecting on dormant objectives is nostalgic yet regretful. Admittedly guilty of identifying but shrugging off goals in the past, I found New Leader's Council's advertised goal follow-through and peer-critique process very appealing. It's so easy to announce that I want to improve my Spanish or consider getting more involved in a local nonprofit. The tricky part is to keep to task and advance toward the mission...Right?

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NLC/SDLA Insitute Application Period Has Ended

Thank you to everyone that applied for 2012 NLC/SDLA Institute. We are currently reviewing applications and will be getting back to applicant shortly. Interviews are currently scheduled to begin in the first two week of December.

If you missed the deadline for the 2012 Institute, we will begin the process of accepting applications for the 2013 Institute in September 2012.




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The New NLC Fellows Class for 2012 Announced

The San Diego Leadership Alliance and the New Leaders Council is proud to announce the 2012 NLC Fellow's Class.



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