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What It Took: the Climate Action Plan Victory

The Climate Action Plan adopted in December 2015 by the San Diego City Council is a groundbreaking, first of its kind in the nation, 100% clean energy victory with unanimous, bi-partisan support that took five years of dedicated effort by several members of the SDLA community.

In particular, SDLA Mentor Nicole Capretz, her SDLA mentee and 2011 Institute graduate Kath Rogers, and 2013 Institute alumna and current board member Kayla Race--who all now work together at Climate Action Campaign--organized and worked with a broad coalition of organizations, businesses, and individuals, many of whom are also connected with SDLA as instructors, members, mentors, board officers, and Institute alumni.

Nicole, Kath and Kayla are proud to have played a role in leading the City of San Diego to this historic achievement that will create a healthier, brighter future for all and protect the people and places we love! 

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A Bright Future Ahead: SDLA Introduces 2016 Fellows

Seventh Class Consists of Health Professionals, Attorneys & Policy Advisors

The San Diego Leadership Alliance (SDLA) is pleased to announce the seventh class of twenty fellows in the SDLA Institute. The program equips progressive young professionals with the skills, opportunities, and relationships to make change in San Diego and has graduated more than 100 leaders who have gone on to run for office, lead commissions and run San Diego businesses. The pro­gram is designed to pro­vide fel­lows with the tools they need to take the next step in their careers.

Click here to read our 2016 class.

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San Diego’s Bold New Climate Action Plan

Last week, the San Diego City Council unanimously passed a bold, new climate action plan. The plan contains a bundle of policies and goals collectively creating a roadmap for the city to achieve State greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, reducing half of its emissions in the next 20 years. One of the plan's most notable goals is to achieve 100% renewable electricity citywide by 2035. San Diego is now the largest city in the U.S. to set such an ambitious goal.

Even if you aren't an energy policy wonk, this plan is exciting. It strikes a balance of actions that many stakeholders can support. In fact, many did. By the time the plan reached the City Council it had a broad coalition of support from business to labor and environmental advocates. A number of SDLA alumni were instrumental in moving this policy forward.

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